agOnline Order Approval

Log in to your agOnline store and click the Account icon in the upper right menu as circle below:

The Orders to approve option shows how many orders that are awaiting your approval. Select Orders to approve.

Select the order you wish to review.

You may Approve, Modify or Reject the order here.

Click the image of the item to see it larger.

If everything looks ready to produce, click approve and the order is sent on to production.

If you wish to modify the order in any way, including editing information on items like business cards, click modify. The order is place in your shopping cart where you may edit the order information or click Edit to edit items.

If you wish to reject the order and send it back to the original user’s cart for changes, click Reject where you will be asked to send a reason for rejection.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to submit a support ticket to our agOnline team.