How to Connect Google Analytics and Monster Insights

Click the Insights menu option toward the bottom of your WordPress dashboard sidebar menu. then click the Launch Wizard button at the bottom.

Choose the website type.

Connect MonsterInsights.

Choose the google email account associated with this website’s Google Analytics property. If you need help setting up your Google Analytics property GO HERE.

Allow MonsterInsights to access your Google Analytics account.

Next choose which analytics to use.

Then complete the connection.

The basic version of Monster Analytics will provide basic reporting from within your WordPress installation. There are more options available should you need them now or in the future. Save and continue to use the basic options for free.

Finally, finish and continue.

You’re all set! If this analytics property has just been initiated there won’t be any data to report, however, if you’ve had this property activated for a period of time you should see reports just as you would in the Google Analytics dashboard.