Scanning 35mm Slides, Positive and Negative Film

If you have a box or file drawer full of 35mm slides, positive/negative film, prints of various sizes, we can scan and turn them into digital files for computer viewing or even high resolution prints.

Your cost is based on time so organizing your materials before bringing them to us will save you money.

Scanning print-resolution is $3/scan, screen resolution is $2/scan. Handling is $60/hr. We will scan an initial portion of the job (1 hour) and provide an estimate for the entire project within 2 business days. There is a $60 minimum which is required prior to the initial 1-hour session which is non-refundable.

Give us a call at 801-972-2900 or contact us via the Contact menu at the top of our site.

Ask us about audio cassette digitizing as well.