Why Vehicle Wraps Get Noticed and Get Business

Small business owners with tight budgets may find themselves focusing too much on getting the most bang for FREE, and run the risk of losing sight of what is really important: return on investment. While there are a growing number of ways to advertise your business online for “free,” businesses must look closely at the real return of every marketing activity they pursue.

One marketing avenue that every business owner should look at because of its ability to generate large investment returns over the course of many years is Vehicle Wraps. We have seen first hand how wrapping a vehicle pays off for its owners and here are seven reasons to consider not putting off this tremendous advertising “vehicle” for your business:

1. Vehicle wraps get you noticed! Over 90% of people on the road notice vehicle wraps, while 75% of consumers form an impression from a company’s vehicle.

2. Vehicle wraps have lasting value. The typical wrap has a life from 3-5 years. Wraps like those produced at AlphaGraphics are also laminated to ensure further protection and durability. This means continued exposure and return for up to 5 years or more.

3. Vehicle wraps provide a constant, front-of-mind advertisement vehicle.Whether you are driving in a busy business area or just to the grocery store, your name is being seen by potential customers over and over again.

4. A vehicle wrap is seen by potential customers right near your local area of business — where you most likely want their attention.

5. Vehicle wraps impart professionalism and business know how.AlphaGraphics’ creative team can employ photos, high-impact graphics, and mobile smart phone interaction to attract the attention of everyone within site, everywhere you travel.

6. Vehicle wraps are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. At five years, the average wrap has a monthly cost of less than $50 per month. Compare that to SEO, SEM or phone directory advertising and you’ll see there is no comparison.

7. Vehicle wraps are a simply a great way to show off your business!