AlphaGraphics West Valley and Millcreek offers full service, in-house embroidery services for branded company polo’s, hats and all kinds of apparel, bags, jackets, etc.

How Much Does Embroidery Cost?

Our pricing is as follows:

(6 item minimum)6-1112-7172-144144-287288-499500-up
4K Stitches5.253.503.203.052.852.55
6K Stitches7.865.284.804.564.263.78
8k Stitches10.406.805.765.605.044.72
10k Stitches12.508.007.106.806.105.40
12k Stitches14.409.368.768.047.086.12
14k Stitches15.4010.509.669.107.886.86
add’l 1000’s.

Hats add $1 per hat ($2 under 12 hats)
Digitizing: $30 + $2 per thousand stiches


10 Port Authority Eclipse Stretch polos with your embroidered logo costs:

For this example, the logo is a simple 5K stitch at 4X1.5 inches.

  • $40.00 Digitizing (a one-time charge for the first run only)
  • $78.60 embroidery
  • $219.80 shirt cost
  • $338.40 TOTAL – $33.84 each

Choosing the Material

We purchase clothing from a range of premier brands. We recommend you visit our company apparel website and choose the items yourself. Prices are included for most items. Once you find the item(s) you wish to order, provide us the item ID as shown below.


If you need any help, reach out to one of our experts. We’re happy to help.