agOnline is a custom management solution for all of your business communications. All of your company’s forms, stationery, marketing materials, display graphics, signage, vehicle graphics, promotional products, branded apparel, training materials, presentations and brand assets can be made available as needed along with robust tools for access, order approval, cost center control, etc. Contact us today to get started.


agOnline is run on XMPie, an industry leading technology  from Xerox. You can trust your company’s important documents with AlphaGraphics’ agOnline solution.

And because costs are distributed across many stores and throughout the AlphaGraphics network, you benefit by getting an enterprise-level solution at a cost that makes sense at even small business levels.

agOnline works directly with the industry-standard Adobe Creative.  Chances are we can work directly with your marketing department’s InDesign packages and reduce the cost of entry set up.

Plus, when changes are needed, versioning is a straightforward process.

Your custom agOnline store can contain an unlimited number of products. Standard billing for setup applies, with no recurring monthly product fees. 

Every agOnline is customized to our customer’s needs. Do you need custom product groups? Do you want products visible only to certain departments or locations? Do you have sub-brands for certain groups? agOnline can handle all of that and it’s all accessible via search.

Dynamic products are products which can be customized when your staff members are ordering. Typical dynamic products are business cards, letterhead, envelopes and forms with information entered by the employee. Graphics such as photos or logos can be dynamic as well. Do you want to targets specific audiences with a postcard mailing? Do you want to upload photos for your business card? Variable social media icons? How about entering values that effect a bar chart in your presentation or proposal? agOnline can accommodate all of these options and much more!

agOnline is easily customized to provide access on multiple levels. Show administrative products only to administrative level staff. HR items to HR staff. And so on. Access can be simple or your company may have complicated needs — agOnline has been made to be flexible enough to meet the demands of almost every situation. 

If your company has many departments and many administrators, you’re going to love agOnline. We have support for robust order approval rules, reporting, user creation, order tracking and more.

agOnline supports both user-level and product-level groups. These groupings can determine store navigation, user access, order approval, etc., all customized to your company’s specific requirements.

agOnline supports several checkout clearing methods out of the box, including unlimited Cost Centers, Purchase Orders and Credit Cards. Of course, custom clearing methods can also be configured.

agOnline is a must-have solution for companies with multiple locations or departments. The importance maintaining brand consistency, document control and streamlining your business communications demands it. Implementing agOnline will have a direct and positive effect on your bottom line.

What about inventory management? Yes, agOnline has that built-in too. Inventory functions include custom thresholds, notifications and reporting access. Inventory can be re-stocked automatically when your pre-determined thresholds are triggered or at your request after notification. It’s up to you.

Custom notifications triggered by a variety of events can be configured on your agOnline portal. Who is notified when an order is placed? When inventory is low? When orders require administrator approval? We know communication is key in business and agOnline helps make sure your team is informed.

agOnline’s custom document building is a welcome feature if your team needs to create multi-part documents such as presentations, training manuals, user manuals and more that consist of multiple files from multiple sources. Easily combine MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel and PDF files into one document. Choose the binding and place your order. agOnline’s document building creates a print-ready file in seconds and your order is immediately in production.

Your marketing department is going to love agOnline’s ability to automate their campaigns while integrating email, PURLs, print, SMS and video. We can also work with you to create “simple” campaigns on demand such as birthday mailings, appointment reminders, etc. You simply set the trigger dates and agOnline campaign manager produces the targeted pieces on schedule. You have access to campaign flow charts, analytics and all the insights to determine ROI on the fly and make adjustments as necessary. No other marketing tool integrates print and digital so successfully and that’s a great asset to have as you develop your marketing plans for the next business cycle.

Bulk mailing is also built into agOnline. You can upload your own lists or choose from targeted lists. Easy and effective.

agOnline’s storefront can be customized for multiple languages.

Next to streamlining your business communications order, brand management provides, perhaps, the most compelling motivation for your company to begin utilizing agOnline today. The value of brand consistency throughout your company’s marketing, forms, signage, apparel and everything else directly impacts the business bottom line. A company which communicates with one clear voice and message can put a higher value on their products and services. agOnline enforces brand consistency by centralizing your communications materials, giving you ultimate control over your brand.

agOnline is capable of multiple levels of approvals. Enterprise-level portals may employ order approvals on a product-by-product basis or more generally across the company. Approvals may be managed by one administrative user or by multiple admins on multiple levels. Approvals can even be passes from one administrative level to another higher one. As with most agOnline features, approvals can be simple or robust with many possibilities of customization.

agOnline Enterprise stores have robust reporting capabilities. You may choose to give certain users access to the back office administration area where you can generate reports at will. Custom reports can be created to suit the needs of different users as well.

Enterprise-level stores generate unique receipts so we may customize yours as you wish. Packages may contain your own branded receipts and other messages — just let us know.

Your order history is stored for future access. In addition to tracking the status of current orders, you may re-order past items and even change products with dynamic information, such as changing a title on a business card, etc.

Your agOnline shop is not limited to basic static print products. The level of customization is limitless. Think postcards with variable images based on specific demographic targets. Business cards with multiple logo options, photo uploads, color coded departments, social media icons and much, much more. Furthermore, print products and just the start of what you might include in YOUR agOnline portal. What about marketing assets, logo repositories, documentation hubs, promotional products, branded apparel, etc. Just think how you might streamline all of your business communications in one place with ultimate power to control its distribution. Just think about the savings and convenience this might afford you. That’s why agOnline has become the choice for so many different companies.

Single Sign On is mandatory for many enterprise-level clients who have an internal communications portal of their own and want to avoid logging in to their agOnline portal too. Whether you prefer SAML or simple LDAP, we can accommodate your needs.

agOnline has an automated campaign builder component that uniquely combines print with digital touchpoints. Print pieces might contain personalized URLs where recipients enter information that triggers targeted emails and other campaign collateral. This is the power of agOnline as part of your business communications arsenal.

We can work with your marketing team to build on-demand campaigns for your sales team. Data for each campaign can be variable and at-the-moment timely. You just plan the basic framework for all the magic to happen.

agOnline offers a variety of shipping and delivery options we can toggle out of the box and is flexible enough to create something custom to fit your needs.

Your agOnline company can be configured to operate as an internal ordering portal or as an open B2C website where your customers come to order products we produce and/or fulfill.

User management can be configured so users are added and managed according to what works for you. 

Got kits? No problem. Perfect for onboarding of staff or customers.

Yes, of course!

Administer custom reports. agOnline’s back data structure is SQL-based and we can configure a report to deliver the information you need.

AlphaGraphics has business centers worldwide which provide us (and you) with augmented power to grow. Need a physical connection for one of your locations in Texas? We are there.

Ship your orders to multiple locations, broken up at a granular product level. Yes, agOnline can accommodate that as well.

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agOnline’s ROI

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Portal Build-out Calculator

Enterprise portals can accommodate multiple locations, departments, user groups, approval rules, custom shipping options, custom notifications and more custom features. A maintenance license of $299/mo (billed separately) applies. The Enterprise Maintenance license includes 1 hour of custom programming per month. Basic-level portal maintenance license is $99/mo. License fees are waived for Enterprise portal volumes over $1,000 monthly and $200 monthly for Business portals.