How To Prepare Your Data File For Mailing

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There are no special rules to follow when preparing your data to send us for mailing or merging. We can accept Excel or CSV (comma separated values) files. Whatever program you use to collect data will most likely export in those formats.

Your data columns do not need to be in any special order. We’ll be mapping the appropriate columns.

The ideal structure would be: Name, Address1, Address2, City, State, Zip. Address2 is not required, of course.

For all bulk rate, presorted mailings we will perform CASS certification, which compares addresses with the US Post Office’s official database. We also run your list to check for moves in the last eighteen months. These steps are required for presorted mailings. If you are mailing with us for the first time will send a form that allows us to act as your mail preparer.

If you have any questions about data, including how to acquire it, don’t hesitate to call.