Why Would You Choose a Marketing Automation Service That Only Does Part of the Job?

I review many marketing automation tools, services, programs, etc., every month. Because it’s such an important part of the service we provide our clients and also because I’m really passionate about what marketing automation can do to help their businesses be successful in this noisy (mess)age.

And getting right to the point, the thing that nearly ALL of them are missing is a HUGE miss — they ignore print in the mix.

Many marketing automation programs simply tee up emails. Others get more jiggy and drop SMS into the mix. But no one really offers the ability to place the print bullet in a trigger. And we’ve seen time and time again that PRINT can be the true killshot in a campaign.

Think about how accustomed you are to swiping away email after email offer, sufficiently targeted or not. We do it without even thinking about it at this point.

But try sending a postcard teaser and then the email? That’s right, it multiplies your potential effectiveness many-fold. 

I’ll show you how.